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Strawberry @ The PH Comedy Theater



Welcome to pHriendsdays at The pH Comedy Theater, our house team improv comedy night.

Meet pH’s newest pHriends—our freshest group of performers. These guys have put in their time training and performing and are now ready to light up our Wednesdays as pros. Each of our house teams is coached by a pH Vet and will bring unique, fresh hilarity to your mid-week blahs. Dope independent teams—more pHriends—join our house teams on stage and all of them jump into the fray for a jam at the end of the night – open to anyone in the audience.

It’s the perfect remedy to your hump day blahs. Teams rotate each week so there’s always something new!

Featured Teams:
Crabbie – quirky improvised hijinx
Sweaty Dad – high-energy improvised fun
Brunch Waitress – bringing down the house with musical improv
Hulk Spanx – coming at you with the intensity

Why not make a night of it?

Take advantage of our Dinner & a Show Package with our friends at Elixir Andersonville, just two blocks away from The pH Comedy Theater. You can get a ticket to a pH show + an appetizer and entree at Elixir Andersonville for just $35 per person!