Give "The Shiny Boy" Your Address


Give "The Shiny Boy" Your Address


For $17, i'll send a message out to "The Shiny Boy" showed in the picture. He'll get your address, and baby this boy will be comin' for you. 

The Shiny Boy will come to visit you at night. When it's dark. 

You might come home late at night, come in your front door, kick off your feet, turn on the light and boom. The Shiny Boy will be sitting, shirtless, in the corner of your room. He'll be drinking a glass of milk. 

Do not run. If you run, The Shiny Boy will move his feetsies SO much faster than you ever could. Seriously this 'lil man can RUN, my guy. 

Listen up, player. You're gunna be running from this Shiny Boy for at least 10,000 years, compadre. 

When he run, oh baby. That boy run. 

Once this Shiny Boy has your address, there is no way to get rid of him. 

Unless you kill him. You can only kill a Shiny Boy by summoning a Shiny Boy.

Pay me $17 again and i'll summon one for you. 

This Shiny Boy will fight the old Shiny Boy and one of those bad boys will end up dead.

The bad part is that you'll still have a 2nd, newer, Shiny Boy hot on your tail. 

Good luck. 

No refunds. 

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